COVID-19 Update Questions about the Delta Variant

Dr. Jason Bowling, University Health’s director of hospital epidemiology, addresses the latest common questions about the delta variant, the transmissibility of breakthrough infections and why more kids are being hospitalized with COVID-19. Feel free to use any part of this video in your reporting.

00:00 If I had COVID-19 already, shouldn’t my antibodies still protect me?

00:34 How do I know the vaccine is safe if it got approved so fast?

01:32 What do you say to people who say they don’t have time to feel sick after getting vaccinated and will take their chances on catching COVID-19?

02:31 How common is it to feel sick after getting other vaccines, like the measles, mumps, flu, TDap, etc?

03:18 Are vaccinated people who get COVID-19 just as contagious as unvaccinated people?

04:20 Why should I get the vaccine, if breakthrough cases still happen?

05:02 What are your thoughts about the concern raised about antibody-mediated viral enhancement and that COVID vaccines might make people sicker than they would be with no vaccine?

06:43 How does the delta variant affect vaccinated vs. unvaccinated people?

07:58 The average age of hospitalized COVID-19 patients is dropping. Does that mean delta is more serious for younger people?

08:49 We’re seeing more children hospitalized with COVID-19 now. Is delta more dangerous for them?

09:47 How are the symptoms of the delta variant different from the original virus?

11:06 How can I tell if it’s COVID-19 and not seasonal allergies?

11:39 Do masks still protect us from the delta variant?

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