COVID-19 Update hospitalizations rising

As COVID-19 hospitalizations climb, University Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bryan Alsip addresses some of the latest questions about the highly contagious Delta variant, masking, boosters, and how getting everyone vaccinated now can prevent future mutations. Feel free to use the video and graphics in your reporting.

00:0 How worried should we be about the Delta variant?

00:31 What can we do to reduce infections & hospitalizations?  

00:51 Does a vaccinated person who contracted COVID pose the same level of risk of spreading the virus to others as an unvaccinated person with COVID?

01:13 Talk about breakthrough infections – what do we know about vaccinated people who test positive?

01:49 Is there any information yet about which vaccinated group is more vulnerable to breakthrough infections, such as whether they got the Moderna or Pfizer?

02:14 What is the risk for this variant mutating into something that is not covered well by the current vaccines?

02:56 Why hasn't the FDA approved the vaccines? Wouldn't that be proof of government confidence in their safety?

03:41 Are hospitalizations on the rise again, and what kinds of patients are we seeing?

04:28 Have masking recommendations changed with the increasing infection rate?

05:17 Should vaccinated people mask indoors even with other vaccinated people?

05:47 With the positivity rate rising again, should people reconsider travel plans, indoor dining, gathering in groups?

06:27 When can people get booster shots?

06:46 Should people get a different vaccine on top of another? – i.e. would someone who got the Pfizer get additional protection if they get a J&J shot as their booster?

07:33 Are children more at risk for severe illness with Delta?

08:00 Are children likely to carry the virus to others?

08:32 Talk about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recent recommendation on children wearing masks in schools.

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