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Trauma Fellowship Program

Trauma Fellowship Program

Level I Adult & Pediatric Trauma Centers

Enhance your skills and knowledge at South Texas’ highest-level adult and pediatric trauma centers.

Our Trauma Nurse Fellowship Program offers experience in our fast-paced trauma centers and mentors from UT Health San Antonio physicians, while caring for the most critically injured patients in South Texas. You will benefit from the expertise of the University Hospital trauma team, trauma leadership and regional partners who provide a comprehensive perspective on trauma care and the trauma system.

Trauma Fellowship Program Overview

Nurses accepted into our program will learn about all aspects of trauma care including:

  • Pre-hospital care
  • Regional trauma system
  • Rural trauma outreach
  • Professional education
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Trauma surgery
  • Injury prevention

Fellows will participate in the following clinical rotations:

  • Air & Ground pre-hospital units
  • Trauma Resuscitation Unit (TRU)
  • Surgical Trauma ICU
  • Trauma Program Administration
  • Trauma Pediatric ICU
  • Operating Room
  • Trauma Follow-up Clinic
  • Trauma Case Management
  • Injury Prevention

Nurses accepted into the fellowship will receive a stipend for certifications, outreach and travel. Completion of the program is recognized and acknowledged by the Clinical Advancement Program.

Eligibility Requirements

This unique 12-month program requires RNs to have a minimum of 3 years of RN practice with at least 2 years' experience in caring for high acuity, critically ill or injured patients in an emergency department, critical care unit, or a related setting. Applicants are not required to be current University Health employees prior to the Fellowship and those selected will receive new employee onboarding, salary, paid time off, and other employee benefits. Current University Health RNs who are accepted into the program must be eligible for interdepartmental transfer and will continue to receive their salary, paid time off, and other employee benefits.

After Completing the 12-Month Program

After completing the 12-month program, a 3-year commitment is required where the graduates will practice in a trauma care area as a full-time nurse with University Health. The trauma areas within University Health may include but not be limited to the Trauma Resuscitation Unit, STICU, Pediatric, ICU, or other related care areas. Trauma Fellows who were previously employed within University Health, may also return to their preceding unit upon completion of the Fellowship. Post-fellowship positions within the preferred department will be considered, but not guaranteed.

Nurses will receive a financial stipend at the end of each successful year of their 3-year commitment. Additionally, continuing education funding is available as part of the Trauma Nurse Fellowship. This education funding can be used for trauma education, conferences or to prepare for the Trauma Certified Registered Nurse (TCRN) examination.

For more information or to apply, contact: