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Audiologists at University Health are committed to providing the highest level of care, working with you and your family to minimize the impact that hearing loss has on communication and quality of life.

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At the University Health Hearing & Balance Center, you will benefit from the knowledge of our highly trained and board-certified audiologists. Losing your sense of hearing is disorienting. Our audiologists will provide you and your family with the tests and tools to treat your hearing and balance difficulties.

You will also find pediatric hearing loss care at University Children’s Health.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

One in three adults over the age of 60 have some degree of hearing loss. Recognizing your symptoms is a necessary step to getting treatment. Symptoms include:

  • The speech of others sounds mumbled or slurred
  • Tinnitus (buzzing, ringing, or hissing sound in ears)
  • Difficulty hearing the television or radio
  • Problems understanding speech in a noisy area

Symptoms of Vestibular Balance Disorder

Vestibular disorders occur when an issue arises in the inner ear or part of the central nervous system that controls your balance.

  • Blurred vision
  • Disorientation
  • Dizziness, spinning (vertigo)
  • Falling and stumbling
  • Feeling as if you are floating
  • Feeling off-balance
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

An ear, nose and throat doctor may diagnose vestibular balance disorder and work with your audiologist to treat you. Treatment might involve antibiotics, surgery and rehabilitation.

Hearing & Balance Services in San Antonio

Vestibular Tests Performed at Our Clinic

  • Electrocochleography (ECoG), a non-invasive test that measures electrical potentials from the inner ear
  • Video head impulse (vHit) testing, a test that provides diagnostic, functional and site of lesion information about the vestibular system
  • Videonystagmography (VNG), a test that records your eye movements to find the source of your balance difficulty
  • Rotational chair determines if the source of dizziness/imbalance is due to inner ear or an issue with the neurological system
  • Vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP), a non-invasive test that measures electrical potentials of certain vestibular system reflex pathways
  • Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP), a non-invasive clinical assessment technique that quantifies and differentiates sensory, motor and central impairments of the balance system

Please call the Huebner Specialties Hearing & Balance Clinic for more information at 210-358-4583.

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    9618 Huebner Road
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  2. Robert B. Green Campus
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