Pediatric Transplant Care

Meet Our Pediatric Transplant Team

Partner with a team of experts at University Health for your child’s transplant care. A team of specialists will give your child the best possible transplant care.

Focused on Caring for Kids

We focus on caring for children. Our transplant professionals are trained to understand the medical and emotional needs of your child.

Who Is Part of Your Care Team?

Your transplant team is a group of professionals who care for your child before and after a transplant. Throughout the transplant journey, you will work with many highly trained experts at University Health.

Transplant Hepatologists

A pediatric transplant hepatologist (also known as a gastroenterologist or GI doctor) specializes in treating children’s advanced liver disease.

Transplant Nephrologists

A pediatric transplant nephrologist is a kidney doctor trained to care for children who need kidney transplants. The transplant nephrologist determines if transplantation is the best treatment for your child.

Transplant Surgeons

A surgeon will perform your child’s transplantation. Our experienced surgeons will explain the procedure and answer your questions about the operation.

Transplant Social Workers

A dedicated social worker will help you navigate nonmedical issues and find insurance and assistance programs. After a transplant, a social worker helps plan when your child will go home, and any care needs.


A pediatric dietician will keep your child as healthy as possible before and after a transplant. A dietitian provides nutritional advice. What your child eats and drinks are important to overall health and healing.

Transplant Nurse Coordinators

Your child’s pre-transplant nurse coordinator is a registered nurse responsible for:

  • Managing your child’s transplant evaluation schedule
  • Informing you about your child’s progress toward transplantation
  • Providing education and support while your child is in the hospital

After a transplant, you will meet a post-transplant coordinator who will manage your child’s care.

Transplant Pharmacist

Rely on our transplant pharmacists to ensure safe and effective use of medications throughout your child’s transplant journey. Expect them to:

  • Educate you and your child about the medications he or she will be taking
  • Monitor medication side effects and interactions
  • Work with local specialty pharmacies that carry the medications your child will need after transplant

Primary Care Physician (PCP) or Pediatrician

Your child’s primary care physician or pediatrician will manage non-transplant related health issues. This includes immunizations and wellness checks. Your child should keep appointments with their primary doctor before and after a transplant.

Pediatric Intensivist

This doctor specializes in caring for children in the intensive care unit (ICU). Your child may stay in the ICU for a short time after a transplant.

Pediatric Transplant Anesthesiologists

An anesthesiologist is a doctor who gives medicine (anesthesia) for surgery. The medicine ensures that your child will be in a deep sleep during surgery, so they do not see, hear or feel anything, not even pain.

Child Life Specialists

Child life specialists are clinical staff members who help young patients relax, have fun and understand their treatment. They will help you and your child through any stress you may be feeling about the transplant.

Respiratory Therapists

A respiratory therapist specializes in helping children with their breathing.

Physical Therapists

Help your child restore physical function and independence immediately following a transplant.

Transplant Financial Coordinators

Our coordinators will help you understand your insurance coverage and assist with the pre-authorization of your transplant care.

Extra Care and Support

Depending on your child’s condition, other University Health professionals may provide care. You may also meet:

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