Pediatric Ophthalmology
Comprehensive Children’s Eye and Vision Care

Pediatric Eye & Vision Testing & Diagnosis

University Health offers routine vision care including eye exams and vision testing. We also offer advanced, kid-friendly technology to diagnose pediatric eye conditions.

We ensure that children of all ages get the right testing to diagnose their eye condition. You can expect compassionate, high-quality care. This includes using advanced diagnostic equipment geared toward children’s needs.

Pediatric Ophthalmology Tests We Offer

Some of the eye testing technology we use includes:

Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) test: This noninvasive imaging test uses light waves to take high-resolution pictures of your child’s eye. It helps our pediatric ophthalmologists detect and diagnose retinal and optic nerve diseases.

Electroretinogram (ERG): This measures the retina’s electrical activity and response to light. Our ERG machine is a kid-friendly, handheld camera that performs a less time-consuming test than the adult version.

Goldmann visual field test: This measures your child’s range of peripheral vision using lights of variable size and intensity. We can conduct the test at your child’s pace, taking breaks as needed to help your child successfully complete the test.

Humphrey automated visual field test: This measures your child’s peripheral vision that can be seen while they focus on a fixed point. This test manages optic nerve and neurological conditions.

Fundus photography: A fundus camera takes pictures of the back of the eye that includes the retina and other parts of the eye.

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