Air Pollution & Your Health
April 22, 2024
Find the causes and effects of breathing polluted air in San Antonio, plus information on why Bexar County is at a higher risk.
What Is Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery?
April 17, 2024
Have you been told your child needs surgery to repair a ventricular septal defect? Here’s some information to help you.
Why Do My Eyes Hurt After Viewing the Eclipse?
April 10, 2024
The total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, drew visitors from around the country to Texas. Learn the signs of eye damage and when to see an eye doctor.
How to Protect Your Family from Measles
April 10, 2024
Make sure you and your family are vaccinated against measles, an infectious disease that is spiking across the U.S.
Safety Tips for Cyclists and Motorists
April 10, 2024
Cycling is a popular form of entertainment and exercise. University Health’s injury prevention team wants to remind cyclists and drivers alike to be safe when traveling on the road.
What Is Public Health?
April 02, 2024
Learn about public health, what nonmedical drivers of health are and what University Health is doing to promote public health in San Antonio.
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