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Advances in Care
What to Know about Diabetes Clinical Trials
June 12, 2024
By volunteering for a diabetes clinical trial, you play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of human diseases and developing innovative treatments.
Revolutionary Diabetes Treatments Developed at Texas Diabetes Institute
May 23, 2024
Dr. Ralph DeFronzo is a pioneer in diabetes research and medication development at Texas Diabetes Institute in San Antonio. Learn how he has changed the lives of patients in South Texas and across the world with his discoveries.
Special Blood Supply Helps Children Who Need Heart Surgery
May 01, 2024
University Health Blood Donor Services, transfusion and laboratory teams worked with pediatric heart surgeons to formulate unique whole blood to help pediatric heart surgery patients recover.
What Is Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery?
April 17, 2024
Have you been told your child needs surgery to repair a ventricular septal defect? Here’s some information to help you.
Getting the Right Care after a Transplant
April 01, 2024
Last year, more than 25,000 kidney transplants were performed across the country, which is an average of 70 a day. Learn about the care guidelines for adult kidney transplant patients created by University Health surgeons.
The Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Living Kidney Donation
March 21, 2024
Benefits of robotic surgery include shorter hospital stays and decreased post-operative pain. To learn about how to become a living donor, visit our website.
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