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How to Make Heart-Healthy Choices
February 13, 2024
Bad habits — like being a couch potato or skimping on sleep — can harm the heart and raise your risk of heart disease. Learn how to make a change.
Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Need Exercise, Too
February 12, 2024
Living with a congenital heart defect doesn't mean sidelining an active lifestyle. In fact, for many adults with congenital heart defects, engaging in physical activity is possible and beneficial.
Screening Tests to Stay Heart Healthy
February 06, 2024
Is your heart healthy? Unless you have symptoms, you may never even think about the health of your heart. Dr. Kit Powers explains the screenings and numbers to know to protect yourself against heart attack and stroke.
Are Innocent Heart Murmurs in Children Cause for Concern?
February 01, 2024
A heart murmur is a sound that a doctor hears with their stethoscope when they are listening to a child’s heart. In children, heart murmurs are usually “innocent.” Learn when they’re “innocent” or when they may be cause for concern.
10 Facts about Paxlovid – COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment
January 31, 2024
Paxlovid is a medication that can prevent some patients from becoming seriously sick with COVID-19.
3 Healthy Changes for the New Year
January 26, 2024
Dr. Iyunoluwa Agboola, a primary care provider with University Health, recommends three ways to make positive changes for a healthier 2024.
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