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Living Kidney Donors Are Important for Those in Kidney Failure
June 19, 2024
Kidney transplantation is the best treatment for end-stage kidney failure. Learn from our expert why finding a living kidney donor gives you better odds at living a longer, healthier life.
Taking Care of Your Liver Transplant Long-Term
April 24, 2024
For liver transplant recipients, caring for their new liver is an essential part of staying healthy and preventing complications in the long term.
Getting the Right Care after a Transplant
April 01, 2024
Last year, more than 25,000 kidney transplants were performed across the country, which is an average of 70 a day. Learn about the care guidelines for adult kidney transplant patients created by University Health surgeons.
The Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Living Kidney Donation
March 21, 2024
Benefits of robotic surgery include shorter hospital stays and decreased post-operative pain. To learn about how to become a living donor, visit our website.
Why Living Donation is the Best Option for Children in Organ Failure
February 14, 2024
While most organs come from deceased individuals, organs from living donors can give a child immeasurable benefits such as a shorter wait time and improved results.
A Firefighter's Life-Saving Double Lung Transplant
June 08, 2023
Albert Pedroza received a double lung transplant in May of 2022 and can now get back to the active lifestyle he's always enjoyed.
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