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South Texas Lung & Respiratory Care
Detecting Lung Cancer Early Is Key
March 16, 2023
Dr. Josephine Taverna, a hematology and oncology specialist at University Health, explains the best way to prevent lung cancer is to get screened more often.
Get a Lung Cancer Screening
November 28, 2022
Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer in the United States. Get a lung cancer screening today to reduce your risk of dying from this disease.
Mary's Lung Transplant Story
July 18, 2022
Mary underwent lung transplantation surgery at University Hospital, and today is an avid hiker who can breathe easily.
Should I see an allergist or pulmonologist?
July 07, 2022
Is there a time when you should see a pulmonologist vs an allergist? We’ll help break down the facts so you can decide which specialist is right for you.
Am I experiencing adult onset asthma?
May 20, 2022
You didn’t have asthma as a kid, but seem to have the symptoms now. Could it be adult-onset asthma?
Do kids grow out of childhood asthma?
May 17, 2022
Kids with asthma might miss out on sports and school, and even have difficulty sleeping. Can children with asthma outgrow it?
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