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Suhaib Haq, MD
Sleep Is Important for Heart Health
February 07, 2023
People with sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea or insomnia are more likely to experience arrhythmias, heart failure and coronary artery disease.
Sleep Studies Can Help Fix Sleep Disorders
February 02, 2023
Dr. Suhaib Haq speaks on the importance of being well rested and the steps to take to fix sleeping disorders in this Wear the Gown.
Adults Need Annual Doctor Visits, too
December 28, 2022
You take your kid for regular checkups without fail, but when was the last time you saw your family doctor for a yearly physical?
Sleep studies can improve your life
January 15, 2021
Between 50-70 million US adults suffer from sleep disorders, which can be miserable and harm your health. Sleep studies diagnose these conditions and change your life.
Do I have normal or high blood pressure?
April 02, 2020
Nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure. Know your numbers and get your blood pressure checked and keep it under control.
Why Am I So Tired?
January 30, 2019
If you are getting too little or poor-quality sleep, here are five tips for better sleep.
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