The importance of getting your COVID-19 booster

The importance of getting your COVID-19 booster

Studies show that boosters provide long-term protection from COVID-19 variants, and possibly future variants, too. Being fully vaccinated and getting your booster is extremely important.

“It helps remind our immune system of the pathogen we’re trying to protect against and that does often stimulate more antibodies. But it also helps our immune system work better,” said Dr. Bryan Alsip, chief medical officer at University Health.

COVID-19 Booster Prevents Serious Illness

Getting the COVID-19 booster is the best way to fight off the virus. “The most important thing about the vaccinations is we know they’re very good at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death,” Dr. Alsip said.

In Bexar County, 75% of eligible people have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to KENS5 reporter Jeremy Baker. But less than 35% of those people have gotten a booster.

“There are breakthrough infections, but we know that booster is a very important part of extending the duration of that immunity, and also making sure that it’s more effective,” Dr. Alsip said.

Don't Rely on Natural Immunity

Even if you've had COVID-19 before, you can't rely on natural immunity to protect you in the future.

“It’s harder to rely on natural immunity as your sole source of protection, and we certainly don’t know long it lasts,” Dr. Alsip said. “That’s why we recommend even if you have had COVID, to get immunized and be up to date with those vaccines.”

COVID-19 Vaccines at University Health

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