Why do you wear a mask?

Masks and face coverings are so common now you may be finding it hard to remember a time when you could regularly see people’s faces in public. Infectious disease and public health experts agree that wearing a mask when in public or in situations that make it difficult to keep six feet of distance from others is one of the most effective tactics we have to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

While masks do protect the wearer from infection, the greater benefit of wearing a mask is for everyone else. If you are sick with COVID-19 or are an asymptomatic carrier, wearing a mask can protect everyone around you from getting sick. Wearing a mask is not only good science; it’s a way to show those around you that you care about them and their health.

So we want you to tell us why you wear a mask. It could be for someone special in your life or because you care about our community and want to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

How it works:

  1. Take a selfie in your mask and share on social media
  2. In the caption, tell us why you wear your mask
  3. Be sure to use the hashtag #WhyIWearAMaskSA
  4. Click the hashtag #WhyIWearAMaskSA to learn why others in San Antonio wear a mask

We asked some of our dedicated staff at University Health System why they wear a mask even when they’re not at work. This is what they told us:

Sandra Castro, Administrative Associate

"I wear a mask because I want to protect my family, myself and the public."

a female healthcare worker wears a mask

Audra Mata, Clinical Pharmacist

"I wear a mask to protect the immunocompromised"

a female healthcare worker wears a mask

Joycelyn Jones, Senior Performance Consultant

"I wear a mask for the safety of our patients and our employees."

a female healthcare worker wears a mask

Daniel Bernal, Performance Consultant

"The reason I wear a mask is because ... who knows? I may be asymptomatic. I'm just trying to take care of those around me."

a male healthcare worker wearing a mask

Tommye Austin, Senior Vice President, Chief Nurse Executive

“I wear my mask because I round every day, and I see COVID patients. It takes at least 20 caregivers to take care of one COVID patient. So I wear a mask to keep our staff, our public and our patients safe.”

female nurse wearing a mask

Thomas Baker, STARS Nurse

“I wear a mask because I care about my friends, my family and my community.”

male healthcare worker wears a mask" width

Jorge Caballero, Volunteer Coordinator

“I wear a mask because I want to keep everyone protected.”

a male healthcare worker wearing a mask


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