Tracking COVID-19 in San Antonio

Tracking COVID-19 in San Antonio

Dr. Bryan Alsip, chief medical officer for University Health, talks through key metrics on Metro Health’s website for an up-to-date understanding of what’s happening with the COVID-19 pandemic in San Antonio and South Texas. He explains the Progress and Warning Indicators dashboard, including positivity rates, hospitalization rates, health system stress scores and daily case numbers, a.k.a. the epi curve. This is what we asked him:

  • How can we tell what’s really happening with the virus in and around San Antonio?
  • What are the key indicators to check?
  • What do the daily case numbers mean?
  • How are the hospitalization data and stress score interpreted?
  • What is doubling time?
  • Positive lab tests (What is the positivity rate?)

The dashboard is updated each Monday morning.

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