Multivitamins aren't as beneficial as we think

Multivitamins aren't as beneficial as we think

Many people take multivitamins in addition to their normal, daily diet. But a recent study by Study Finds says those costly vitamins could be a waste of money when it comes to your cardiovascular health. 

Get Your Vitamins in Food

Dr. Manoj Panday explains that multivitamins mostly benefit people with vitamin deficiency and don't show a significant effect on health in most other cases. Dr. Panday also states to those that do not have vitamin deficiency that they are better off getting vitamins naturally from healthy foods such as fish, white meats, fruits and vegetables.

“Multivitamins are recommended in patients who may not get all of their recommended dietary allowance for vitamins and minerals,” Dr. Panday said.

When to Take a Multivitamin

  • Illness
  • Poor nutrition
  • Pregnancy
  • Digestive issues
  • Other medical conditions

Dr. Panday said older people above 50 or 60 years of age may benefit from multivitamins more than younger people.

Multivitamins Don't Prevent Heart Conditions

Study Finds looked at research from 18 different studies on multivitamins and mineral supplements. The results of more than two million people were analyzed who took part in the study for about 12 years. 

Multivitamins and mineral supplements had no benefit to prevent: 

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Cardiovascular deaths

“There are certain vitamins that have particular applications,” Dr. Panday said. “For instance, folic acid can be helpful for patients with certain types of anemia. B vitamins can have certain beneficial effects for people with certain types of disease.”

Instead of taking multivitamins, you can get the same benefits from eating a healthy diet. “Fruits, vegetables, fish, white meats, as long as they’re cooked with less fatty oils, can be much more beneficial than any pill can be,” Dr. Panday said.

Ask Your Provider

Ask your primary care provider for more information about your specific dietary needs.

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