Laurel – Heart Defect Survivor: Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA)

Minutes after her birth, Laurel was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart defect known as transposition of the great arteries (TGA). The blood vessels taking blood away from her heart were in the wrong place. Laurel’s delivery hospital wasn’t equipped to handle the complexities of her case, and her little heart needed surgery – fast.

Overwhelmed with Laurel’s diagnosis and not knowing where to go, her parents were frightened. But her grandfather, a San Antonio pediatrician, knew about the success rates of the University Children’s Health Heart Center – the only dedicated pediatric heart center in the region. He felt passionately that Laurel needed to be cared for by this experienced team. Just a few days later, Laurel’s parents were in consultation with the physicians at the University Children's Heart Center, and Laurel underwent the very complex surgery that would save her life.

At University Health we don’t just see what is – a baby with a damaged heart. We see what can be – a little girl embracing life.

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