Healthy Choices after Heart Surgery

Healthy Choices after Heart Surgery

Natalie Nyren, a physician assistant at University Health, informs those who have had heart surgery about the road ahead of them, necessary lifestyle changes and the support that is available to them.

Cardiology Salud

Cardiology Salud is a program at University Health that supports patients in their journeys to better heart health.

“I’ve learned, since the heart attack, that there’s a lot of things you can do to help with your heart health, like simply changing your diet, which is what I’ve been learning,” said Susan Moore, a patient at University Health. 

Support from Heart Health Specialists

Moore had a heart attack in 2009. Now in heart failure, she says Cardiology Salud helped her with her diet and also provided needed support to stay as healthy as possible.

“The love of your family is great, but having a medical team or somebody that can give you knowledge on how to take care of yourself and keep that consistent is a good motivator, and it’s helped me,” Moore said.

Improve Heart Health at Home

Even if you’re not currently in a program like Cardiology Salud, you can make lifestyle changes to improve your heart health. Five things you can work on at home include:

  • Having a healthy diet
  • Getting enough exercise
  • Managing stress levels
  • Managing medication
  • Making sure you have support

Find a Support Group

Cardiology Salud at University Health has its own support group. “This group really helps to provide the support that these patients need, but you can find it in other ways as well,” Nyren said. “Your community, friends and relatives can be your partner to help you make these changes.”

Cardiology at University Health

Learn more about award-winning cardiology services at University Health.

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