How to stay fit & healthy as a family

Beginning a new exercise regimen can be difficult, especially when you do it alone. Experts recommend finding an exercise buddy to keep you motivated and on track.

Even better than an exercise buddy is having your whole family participate together. Not only will it strengthen your body, it can strengthen your relationships. 

Start a new family tradition

Lisa and Ray Niño have two daughters ages 21 and 23, and they walk together as a family in their neighborhood on weekday evenings. “We love it,” Mrs. Nino, 51, said. “It’s something we can do as a family. We spend time together and we can motivate one another at the same time.”

Whether it’s biking or going for walk after dinner, going to a gym, swimming, running or yoga the benefits of these activities are both physical and mental. 

“My husband also likes to run on the treadmill when it’s too hot outside,” Mrs. Nino said. “My two girls go to college and love to run. We all enjoy the cooler months and love to take walks around the neighborhood after dinner.”

Parents can be exercise role models

Parents and guardians who are physically active become positive role models for their children. Those children develop better socialization skills and healthier lifestyle habits. An important part of staying healthy is making a plan and sticking to it.

Create a plan that includes various types of exercises such as:

  • Aerobics
  • Strength training 
  • Stretching

Special considerations for daily activity can also include doing housework, taking the stairs or parking farther away. Always remember to exercise during the cooler times of the day, drink water before and after exercise and wear shoes that fit well and support your feet.

Eat a healthy diet

A key component of a healthy lifestyle is eating a well-rounded diet. You can make dinner time a fun family ritual by including your children in the process. Show them the fruits and vegetables you incorporate into dishes, and let them do easy tasks like setting the table. 

Taking them grocery shopping is a good way to teach them healthy choices from a young age, too. Spending quality time with your children and talking to them about healthy foods is an easy way to make your next trip to H-E-B more than a chore. 

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