COVID-19 Update: The Delta Variant and Kids

COVID-19 Update: The Delta Variant and Kids

Questions and time stamps

00:00 How prevalent has the Delta variant become in San Antonio? 

00:44 What is involved in isolating variants?
01:25 How much worse is the Delta variant from other COVID-19 strains?
02:01 What part of the population are we seeing hospitalized for COVID-19 now in early summer 2021?

How protective are the authorized vaccines against the Delta variant?
03:01 Can you get the Delta variant even if vaccinated?

04:27 Is one shot of Pfizer or Moderna enough to protect me from Delta?
05:10 When do we think a vaccine might be authorized for the under 12 age group?

05:43 What would you tell your family to explain how much more serious this is than a cold or the flu?

06:21 How protected are you from the Delta variant if you have had COVID-19 but not been vaccinated?

07:16 How many other variants are out there, and what makes the Delta variant so concerning?
08:10 If we’ve already been vaccinated, what else can we do to protect others?
08:54 What are myocarditis and pericarditis?

09:22 Some people have not gotten their children the second shot because they are concerned about myocarditis/pericarditis. How concerned should we be about heart problems related to the vaccine in young people?
11:00 People have not been as worried about children being affected by COVID-19. Why is that not a good idea, especially with the Delta variant?

12:03 Which is more common and serious: side effects of the vaccine or the impact of COVID-19?
12:39 It has been such a relief to take off our masks and socialize again. But are there some precautions we should still observe?

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