Hope in a High-Risk Pregnancy Patient Story

Hope in a High-Risk Pregnancy Patient Story

After Desiree found out that she had a high-risk condition called placenta accreta, she switched to University Hospital. Because of the excellent care she received from our maternal-fetal medicine team, her complicated pregnancy went smoothly. Today, both Desiree and her son are strong and healthy.

“My pregnancy with Urlin was very emotional,” Desiree said. “My husband and I went to get a sonogram. The doctor gave us the news that we had a condition called placenta percreta.”

Placenta percreta is a form of accreta where the placenta grows through the uterus.

“But what gave us so much comfort was when we transferred care to University Health,” Desiree said.

Placenta percreta can cause serious problems if the placenta doesn’t separate at the time of delivery, said Dr. Patrick Ramsey, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

“University Health is a great place for somebody with a complicated pregnancy,” Dr. Ramsey said. “We’re a level IV maternal center, so we have all those specialists working together in that integrated team providing the highest level of care in the region.”

University Health offers a full spectrum of OB/GYN services including testing and noninvasive, minimally invasive and interventional care. We are building the region’s first and only dedicated Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This will be a place where women, children and their families are surrounded by all of the experts and technologies to provide the highest level of compassionate care.

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