Discover the Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Looking for a new way to de-stress while getting some exercise? Consider trying tai chi, and discover all of the health benefits you could get from practicing this ancient martial art.

What Is Tai Chi?

Tai chi is a noncompetitive martial art that is known for its many health benefits. The ancient practice of tai chi began in China and has evolved to include many different forms – including self-defense, stress relief and improving health and wellbeing.

Overall, there are five different forms of tai chi which were developed throughout different periods in Chinese history. But before practicing any of these forms, consult an experienced tai chi instructor who can help determine which type is best for you and your goals.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion” and is considered another form of yoga. The martial art promotes peacefulness and mindfulness through gentle, flowing movements and like yoga, deep breathing is encouraged when practicing the constant movements of tai chi.

There are many health benefits of tai chi including:

  • Reduces stress 
  • Helps reduce anxiety and depression
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Is a gentle, low-impact way to exercise
  • Aids in weight loss

Tai chi is especially beneficial for older adults. Research has shown that tai chi can help improve cognitive function, as well as memory loss in seniors. Additionally, tai chi can help older adults by:

  • Improving balance and coordination, which can help prevent serious falls
  • Helping reduce arthritis pain
  • Improving overall quality of life

Because tai chi is a low-impact form of exercise, almost anyone can do it. However, before you begin any exercise regimen, consult your primary care provider to make sure it’s right for you.

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