10 virtual activities you can do during COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused many of us to spend a lot more time at home, and now we're looking for constructive and creative ways to fill the hours of the day. With so many restrictions, we’ve been forced to adapt and invent new ways to do the things we used to. Being stuck at home doesn't mean you can’t explore. From travel to the theatre, here are some of the most inventive virtual adventures you can have right from home.

1.  Have an animal encounter at the zoo 

Where: San Antonio Zoo

Take a virtual tour of the San Antonio zoo and view exhibits like the gibbon forest, the Friedrich aquarium, big cat valley and bear corner. You can also have a virtual encounter with animals like hippos, giraffes, okapi, and reptiles. This is an up-close Zoom call that gives you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the animal’s habitat and behavior.

2.  Watch live opera streaming

Where: Metropolitan Opera

If you enjoy culture, you’ll love to watch the classics like Carmen, La Bohème, and La Traviata performed live on stage by the Metropolitan Opera. All performances are free to watch and present encores of The Met’s acclaimed Live in HD series.

3.  Go on a virtual trip

Where: Major destinations globally

Sure, you can’t pack your bags and go, but here’s the next best thing. See the Northern Lights, hike the Great Wall of China, explore the ancient Egyptian tombs of Pharoah Ramesses VI or Queen Meresankh III, or explore the world’s best beaches. Of course, you can also explore all your favorite parks and dozens of World Heritage Sites like Stonehenge.

4.  Visit the museum and learn a new skill

Where: McNay Art Museum

Go on a guided virtual tour of the McNay Art Museum and hear all the fascinating facts and backstories of the exhibitions. You can also browse through their YouTube page to do fun activities and learn a handy new skill such as weaving.

5.  Run a virtual 5K with other runners

Where: The Witte Museum

Invent a creative route in or around your home to attend a virtual 5K and Dino Dash along with other runners. What’s more, the 5K benefits the museum’s emergency fund to support them after their closure due to COVID-19.

6.  Virtual cooking class

Where: Chef and cooking schools

Brush up on your cooking skills or learn how to make an exotic new dish during a virtual cooking class. After all, there’s never been a better time than when more people are cooking at home than ever. There’s everything from live master classes with acclaimed chefs, baking clubs, and cooking schools for those who are just getting started.

7.  Get the blood pumping with a workout session

Where: Peloton, Nike and others

While some people snack, others get active. At home workouts have boomed due to quarantine and isolation, resulting in a broad variety of free online workout sessions. From yoga sessions to online boxing training, there’s something for everyone.

8.  Watch family and children’s theatre

Where: The Magik Theatre

Entertain the little ones with a live stream theatre performance at the Magik Theatre. They offer children’s yoga, pirate-themed shows, as well as the reading of stories.

9.  Throw a Netflix party

Where: Netflix Party

Throw a Netflix party with your best friends. The platform synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows, meaning you get to catch up on your series together.

10.  Play trivia games with friends

Where: Houseparty

If you’re missing those board game nights, head on over to the Houseparty app. This face to face social network lets you and your friends play virtual trivia on anything from Disney to Harry Potter on group video chats.

With so many creative virtual activities available, you can go on all kinds of adventures to get you through this time of continued social distancing.

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