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Surgical Critical Care
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American Board of Surgery
University of Texas Hsc-Houston, 1983
New York University Medical Center, 1988
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - GME, 1989

Texas Liver Tumor Center

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I am Director of the Transplant Center at UT Health San Antonio and University Hospital. I received my medical degree at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, Texas. I completed my residency and internship at New York University in New York City, New York, and my transplant fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.
In 1992, I started the liver transplant program at UT Health San Antonio. I perform adult and pediatric liver and kidney transplants. Along with Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, I performed the first split liver transplant in South Texas. I also perform adult-to-adult living liver transplants and specialize in all liver, biliary and pancreas surgeries. I have also contributed to many notable publications in my field.


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