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Francisco Cigarroa, MD

UT Health San Antonio
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Pediatric Surgery
Areas of Interest/Focus
Pediatric Transplant
Board Affiliation/Certification
American Board of Surgery
American Board of Surgery/Pediatric Surgery
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, 1983
Massachusetts General Hospital, 1986
Massachusetts General Hospital, 1990
Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1993
Massachusetts General Hospital, 1988
Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1995

Texas Liver Tumor Center

7979 Wurzbach Road
Suite 219, Urschel Bldg
San Antonio,TX 78229

University Hospital

4502 Medical Drive
San Antonio,TX 78229
Insurance Accepted
6 Degrees - Transplant
90 Degree Benefits - Commercial
Aetna - Commercial Exchange
Aetna - PPO/EPO/HMO/MC Advantage
Aetna - Smart Care EPO
Aetna - Transplant
Aetna Better Health - Medicaid-CHIP
Aetna Better Health - Medicaid-STAR
Amerigroup (Gonzaba) - Medicare Advantage (Transplants only)
Amerigroup - Medicaid-CHIP
Amerigroup - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Amerigroup - Medicaid-STAR
Amerigroup - Medicaid-STAR Kids
Amerigroup - Medicaid-STAR PLUS
Amerigroup - Medicare Advantage
Amerigroup - Medicare-Medicaid Duals
Ancira Enterprises - Direct Employer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Exchange (BlueAdvantage)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - HMO/PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - HPN/EPO (Narrow Network)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Medicaid-STAR
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Medicare Advantage HMO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Medicare Advantage PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Narrow HMO (Blue Essentials)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Narrow HMO (Blue Premier)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Traditional
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Transplant Programs
Care Improvement Plus - Medicare Advantage-SNP
Cenpatico - Medicaid-CHIP
Cenpatico - Medicaid-STAR
Cenpatico - Medicaid-STAR Health (Foster Care)
Cenpatico - Medicare Advantage
Cigna (USSA Client Only) - Direct Employer
Community First Health Plans - HMO/Exchange (EPO)
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-CHIP
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-STAR
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-STAR Kids
Community First Health Plans - Medicare Advantage HMO
Coventry - HMO/PPO
Coventry - Work Comp / Auto
Driscoll Health Plan - Medicaid-All
El Paso First - Medicaid-CHIP
El Paso First - Medicaid-STAR
Entrust - TPA
First Health - Commercial PPO
FirstCare (Part of Scott & White Health Plans) - Medicaid-STAR
Gonzaba Medical Group - Transplant ONLY
Healthsmart - Accel
Healthsmart - Commercial PPO
Healthsmart - HPO/POS
Humana - Commercial Behavioral Health
Humana - Exchange (HMOx)
Humana - HMO/PPO/Behavioral Health
Humana - Medicare Advantage Behavioral Health
Humana - Medicare Advantage HMO (Gold)
Humana - Medicare Advantage PPO
Humana - National Transplant ONLY Network
Humana Military - TRICARE
Imperial Health Plan - Medicare Advantage
Independent Medical Systems (IMS) - PPO
Interlink - Transplant
LifeTrac - Transplant
Magellan - Commercial and Medicaid Behavioral Health
Molina - Commercial Exchange
Molina - Medicaid-CHIP
Molina - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Molina - Medicaid-STAR
Molina - Medicare Advantage
Molina - Medicare-Medicaid Duals
OptumHealth - Transplant ONLY
Oscar - Commercial Exchange
Point Comfort Underwriters (PCU) - Refugee Medical Assistance
Point Comfort Underwriters (PCU) - Unaccompanied Children
Prime Health Services - Commercial PPO
Prime Health Services - Medicare Advantage
ProCare Advantage - Medicare Advantage I-SNP
Provider Network of America (PNOA) - Commercial
Provider Partners Health Plan (PPHP) - Medicare Advantage I-SNP
Scott & White Health Plan - HMO/PPO/Medicare Advantage
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-CHIP
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR Health (Foster Care)
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR Kids
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR PLUS
Superior HealthPlan - Medicare Advantage (Allwell)
Superior HealthPlan - Medicare-Medicaid Duals (Allwell)
Texas Independence Health Plan - Medicare Advantage I-SNP
Three Rivers Provider Network - PPO
Tokio Marine - Transplant
TriWest (via BCBSTX) - VA CCN Program
UnitedHealthcare - Medicaid-STAR
UnitedHealthcare - Medicaid-STAR Kids
UnitedHealthcare - Medicaid-STAR PLUS
UnitedHealthcare - Medicare Advantage
UnitedHealthcare - PPO
Universal Benefits Consortium - Brokerage Firm (School Districts)
University of Incarnate Word (Gilsbar) - Direct Employer
WellCare - Medicare Advantage
WellMed - Medicare Advantage
WellPoint (Gonzaba) - Medicare Advantage (TRANSPLANTS ONLY)
WellPoint - Medicaid-CHIP
WellPoint - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
WellPoint - Medicaid-STAR
WellPoint - Medicaid-STAR Kids
WellPoint - Medicaid-STAR PLUS
WellPoint - Medicare Advantage
WellPoint - Medicare-Medicaid Duals
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I am a nationally renowned transplant surgeon. I received my bachelor’s degree in biology from Yale University and my medical degree from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. I completed fellowships in pediatric surgery and transplant surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I have been a UT Health faculty member since 1995 and was part of the surgical team that performed the first split liver donor transplant between two recipients in Texas.
In 2003, President George W. Bush appointed me to serve on the President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science. In 2009, I became the first Hispanic to be named Chancellor of The University of Texas System. After five years as chancellor, I returned full-time to my passion for transplant and hepatobiliary surgery. I am fluent in Spanish and English. I have also contributed to many notable publications in my field.


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