New Center Can Assure Moms-to-be That the Crazy Things Happening to Their Bodies are Normal

Health for Women on Callaghan opens today

Expectant moms often find themselves wondering if they should be worried about what they see and feel happening to their bodies. Many turn to family, friends or even the Internet to find reassurance and support. But there's nothing like comparing notes, in person, with a small group of women all expecting their babies at about the same time. That's exactly what a new Health for Women Center opening today will do.

University Health's newest location, Health for Women on Callaghan, on San Antonio's Northwest Side, offers obstetric patients the option of receiving their prenatal care traditionally or through this unique program called CenteringPregnancy.

CenteringPregnancy brings together groups of eight to 10 women with similar due dates. The moms-to-be meet as a group each month over the course of their pregnancies, and after delivery. With a certified midwife leading the group, they share stories and learn about what they’re going through — and what to expect next. University Health is the only non-military health system in San Antonio approved by the national Centering Healthcare Institute to provide this unique level of service and care to expectant moms.

Sessions last two hours and include a prenatal check-up. Women who participate in the program have been shown to have better birth outcomes and are more satisfied with their prenatal care, said Ebony M. Weston, director of Women’s & Preventive Health Services at University Health.

“Many mothers consider the two hours time to focus on themselves only, and share experiences with other mothers going through the same trimester,” Weston said.

Health for Women on Callaghan offers a wide array of healthcare services including free pregnancy testing, family planning, well-women check-ups, cancer screenings and ultrasound.

Health for Women on Callaghan is located in the CommuniCare Health Centers building at 8210 Callaghan Road, one block northeast of IH 10. Hours are from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information or an appointment, call 358-TALK (8255).

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