Kids and COVID

One of the comforts we have taken in this pandemic is the fact that children with confirmed COVID-19 cases have largely presented with milder symptoms. The most common symptoms are cough, sore throat, and fever. Now healthcare providers are seeing a small but disturbing set of related cases: some children who have tested positive for the virus develop an inflammatory syndrome that affects the vascular system and potentially the heart. Dr. Rob Sanders, medical director of University Health System’s Pedi Express urgent care clinic, noted that young people have also been getting rashes and frostbite-like symptoms on their feet that have earned the nickname “COVID toes.”

“It is like likely caused by the microvascular damage the virus is doing,” Dr. Sanders said.

What’s good is that this is rare. Unfortunately, the early symptoms can resemble more ordinary, less dangerous conditions. Parents should consult their child’s pediatrician if they notice such symptoms. As telemedicine options expand to allow for social distancing, parents can also now make urgent care telemedicine appointments where a provider can help them triage the symptoms and determine whether they should continue to monitor the child at home, make an in-person appointment or take their child to an emergency room.

For urgent care telemedicine appointments, call 210-358-KIDS or visit PediExpress for more information.

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