Hundreds step forward to offer hope for Leland

 (SAN ANTONIO, TX – November 9, 2015) Doctors and staff at University Transplant Center have been overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of support for Leland, a 5-year-old Austin foster child who has been on dialysis for most of his life, but now faces the likelihood his most recent graft will fail — making a kidney transplant his only chance for survival.

Leland continues to receive three-times-a week dialysis treatment in Austin, and will continue until the graft fails or a donor kidney is found.

Since a public appeal was made last week, more than 300 people have signed up to learn if they might be a potential match for Leland. Three of them are currently undergoing medical evaluation to see if they are compatible. The complete evaluation process can take about three weeks. It is uncertain whether these three people — or any others who have stepped forward so far — will be a good match. Because of the need to find a match as quickly as possible, doctors would like to have a backup plan — even if a suitable donor is found.

Thank you to all who have come forward to help Leland. We encourage any others who are interested to go to and fill out the online questionnaire to see if they might be a candidate.

Although donating a kidney to someone is a serious decision, one that should be made with an understanding of the possible risks and complications,it can save lives. For those interested learning more about being an altruistic living kidney donor for Leland — or others — please visit online at or Donate Life America, or call (210) 567-5777.

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