Man practicing putting on tourniquet

National Stop the Bleed Day

Stop the Bleed Day is a one day call to action to increase awareness of the Stop the Bleed campaign and to generate more engagement.

Unforeseen injuries can occur at any time, to any person – falling off a ladder, having a kitchen mishap or being involved in a car crash. Thankfully, anyone can be trained to help save lives. The goal of the Stop the Bleed program is to help people like you learn how to prevent deaths from traumatic bleeding. Become empowered to save a life and sign up for in-person training to ‘stop the bleed.’

Training is 1 hour

  • First 30 minutes – lecture where all participants are together
  • Second 30 minutes – skills training with an instructor. Students will be asked to demonstrate wound packing and tourniquet placement.

To successfully complete the training, you must:

  • Attend an entire class.
  • Practice wound packing and tourniquet placement with instructor.
  • You will receive a link to complete a short survey and receive a certificate.


  • Tourniquets will be provided during the class.
  • By attending this event, participants will receive a free at home tourniquet.
Dates Offered