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Kidney Care & Dialysis for South Texans
Andre's Cardiogenic Shock Story
January 26, 2023
Andre came to University Hospital for a routine procedure, but his medical team jumped into action when it became clear he was in cardiogenic shock.
Chronic Kidney Disease in Children
January 19, 2023
Chronic kidney disease in children can lead to permanent damage, but it can be treated. Learn more about kidney disease care at University Health in San Antonio.
How to Boost Your Kidney Health
December 15, 2022
You probably know the basic steps for protecting your heart health. But do you know how to take good care of your kidney health?
The 10 Best Foods for Kidney Health
December 07, 2022
If your child has kidney disease, making tweaks to your family’s diet is a key part of keeping him or her healthy. These foods can help.
The Need for Pediatric Kidney Transplants
October 21, 2022
In this Wear the Gown segment, Dr. Daniel Ranch discusses the importance of screening your child for chronic kidney disease, and when a transplant may be necessary.
Warning signs of kidney disease in children
March 29, 2022
March is National Kidney Month. Learn the warning signs of acute and chronic kidney disease in kids.
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