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Why Living Donation is the Best Option for Children in Organ Failure
February 14, 2024
While most organs come from deceased individuals, organs from living donors can give a child immeasurable benefits such as a shorter wait time and improved results.
Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (TAPVR): Naabaahii's Story
February 02, 2024
Baby Naabaahii’s mother Brianna tells the story of his congenital heart defect and how the team at University Health helped him recover.
Are Innocent Heart Murmurs in Children Cause for Concern?
February 01, 2024
A heart murmur is a sound that a doctor hears with their stethoscope when they are listening to a child’s heart. In children, heart murmurs are usually “innocent.” Learn when they’re “innocent” or when they may be cause for concern.
Detecting Hearing Loss in Newborns
November 22, 2023
Robin Tellez, an audiologist from University Health, discusses how important it is to follow up on your newborns and detect any type of hearing loss and how to treat hearing loss, whether its permanent or not.
Tips to Support Your Child before Surgery
October 13, 2023
If your child has a planned surgery coming up, they might be nervous or even scared. Here are some tips to support and comfort them before their surgery.
Children Face Injury When Car Seats Are Misused
September 22, 2023
Guidelines for safely securing children in vehicles have been around for decades, many parents still don’t use child seats correctly and kids are being injured.
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