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Pharmacy Services
Brand Name vs. Generic Drugs
March 13, 2023
Darrel Hughes, an executive director with University Health pharmacy services, explains the difference between brand name drugs and generic over the counter drugs.
Naloxone: A lifesaving medication reversing opioid overdose
October 31, 2022
Learn about naloxone, a lifesaving medication that reverses opioid overdoses, and where you can find affordable naloxone in Texas.
Q&A with University Health pharmacists
October 17, 2022
University Health pharmacists Irene Vargas and Scott Frishman answer common questions and share how your local pharmacist can help you manage your medications.
Getting your vaccines is important to stay healthy
February 08, 2022
Getting your regular vaccines—from childhood through adulthood—is a necessary component of staying healthy. Get yours at a University Health pharmacy.
Coming together to fight opioid addiction
October 27, 2017
Dr. Bryan Alsip and members of the Joint Opioid Task Force in San Antonio discuss ways to address the growing opioid misuse epidemic in America.
When prescription becomes addiction
October 13, 2017
Opioid addiction and misuse has become a national crisis, and Bexar County hasn’t been spared.

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