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Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
A watchful eye on sports injuries
January 31, 2023
For many kids, spring means team sports, which can mean a greater risk of injuries. Dr. Caitlyn Mooney offers tips for parents of young athletes.
What to know about muscle-sparing hip surgery
January 03, 2023
Learn about the muscle-sparing hip surgery the orthopedic surgeons at University Health in San Antonio can perform to improve your hip mobility and quality of life.
What to Know about Total Knee Replacement
December 22, 2022
Thinking about having a total knee replacement? Here’s what you should know about this common procedure.
Own your bones – osteoporosis and fragility fractures
May 30, 2019
Own the Bone is a program at University Health that helps people strengthen osteoporotic bones and prevent fragility fractures.
Hip replacement doesn’t put brakes on cross-country rider
October 30, 2018
Bicycling and gardening are essential to Katinka Howell, 54, is. Hip dysplasia tried to get in the way but couldn't.
Your aching back
February 09, 2018
If you hurt your back, simple home remedies can relieve most pain. It takes some patience, but if you care for your back correctly, you should feel better within weeks after the injury.

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