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Brittany Wagner
Teen Dating Violence Red Flags
February 20, 2024
Learn the signs of dating violence and how you can help yourself or a loved one in need.
Aortic Dissection: Vincent’s Story
February 07, 2024
After experiencing unusual back pain, Vincent was diagnosed with aortic dissection, a condition that required emergency surgery. Read how the heart team at University Hospital helped save his life.
How to Treat a Burn at Home
February 05, 2024
Learn more about burn prevention at home, myths and facts of treating minor burns and when to get medical attention for yourself or your child.
Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (TAPVR): Naabaahii's Story
February 02, 2024
Baby Naabaahii’s mother Brianna tells the story of his congenital heart defect and how the team at University Health helped him recover.
Are Innocent Heart Murmurs in Children Cause for Concern?
February 01, 2024
A heart murmur is a sound that a doctor hears with their stethoscope when they are listening to a child’s heart. In children, heart murmurs are usually “innocent.” Learn when they’re “innocent” or when they may be cause for concern.
3 Healthy Changes for the New Year
January 26, 2024
Dr. Iyunoluwa Agboola, a primary care provider with University Health, recommends three ways to make positive changes for a healthier 2024.
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