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Brittany Wagner
Revolutionary Diabetes Treatments Developed at Texas Diabetes Institute
May 23, 2024
Dr. Ralph DeFronzo is a pioneer in diabetes research and medication development at Texas Diabetes Institute in San Antonio. Learn how he has changed the lives of patients in South Texas and across the world with his discoveries.
Types of Migraines in Children and Adolescents and How to Manage Them
May 06, 2024
Learn about types of migraines, how to identify migraine triggers, and when you may need brain imaging or further medical testing.
Air Pollution & Your Health
April 22, 2024
Find the causes and effects of breathing polluted air in San Antonio, plus information on why Bexar County is at a higher risk.
Drunk Driving Increases During Fiesta
April 15, 2024
According to a study, drunk driving crashes increase by 20% during Fiesta, which runs from April 18 through April 28 this year. Learn how to keep yourself and others safe.
How to Protect Your Family from Measles
April 10, 2024
Make sure you and your family are vaccinated against measles, an infectious disease that is spiking across the U.S.
What Is Public Health?
April 02, 2024
Learn about public health, what nonmedical drivers of health are and what University Health is doing to promote public health in San Antonio.
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