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Brittany Wagner
Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day
May 17, 2023
Today is World NF Awareness Day. NF is short for neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic condition that causes tumors to grow on nervous tissue in many areas of the body.
The difference between heart attack and stroke
May 09, 2023
Learn about the difference in symptoms, causes and treatments of heart attack versus stroke from a University Health neurologist.
Drunk driving increases during Fiesta
April 21, 2023
According to a study, drunk driving crashes increase by 20% during Fiesta, which runs from April 20-30 this year. Learn how to keep yourself and others safe.
The Disparity in Black Maternal Health Care
April 11, 2023
It’s Black Maternal Health Week, but Dr. Ariana Lewis says the health of pregnant Black women is an issue we should be talking about year-round.
What Is Public Health?
April 06, 2023
Learn about public health, what social determinants of health are and what University Health is doing to promote public health in San Antonio.
What is Tuberculosis?
March 24, 2023
Today is World Tuberculosis Day. Learn more about TB, an infectious disease caused by bacteria that attack the lungs.
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