Change your mornings with these yoga stretches

Kick off your day with a morning yoga routine. Yoga helps align your mind and body with intentional breathing and measured stretches. 

Yoga has many health benefits beyond strengthening muscles and regulating your breathing. 

Benefits of morning yoga

  • Stretch out your muscles
  • Let go of yesterday’s stress
  • Release endorphins
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Get a boost of energy

There are many ways to learn how to start doing yoga if you’re new to it. YouTube channels show you in real time how to properly do the poses, and you can download apps on your smart phone that guide you through a yoga sequence. 

Yoga smartphone apps

Yoga YouTube channels

Short yoga routine

If you’re new to yoga, the sequence below consists of easy stretches you can do before starting your day. Hold each pose for three breaths and rest in between. 

Prayer pose

Woman holding the seated prayer pose

Sitting side bend

Woman holding the seated side bend pose

Cobra pose

Woman holding the cobra pose

Tree pose

Woman holding the tree pose

Downward dog

Woman holding the downward dog pose

Prayer pose

Woman holding the seated prayer pose


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