Linda – Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy Procedure (POEM)

Linda – Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy Procedure (POEM)

Linda, a former University Health patient, had a difficult time eating due to a condition called achalasia. Doctors at University Hospital performed the POEM procedure (peroral endoscopic myotomy), which changed her life.

“For most people, eating is enjoyable. But for me, it was a chore,” Linda said. “Because of achalasia, scar tissue created a swallowing problem. It would take me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to eat one meal.”

Referral to University Health

Radiation treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma created scar tissue in Linda’s esophagus. Achalasia is usually caused by a loss of nerves in the esophagus that control swallowing.

“My gastroenterologist referred me to Dr. Patel as a specialist that does advanced endoscopic procedures at University Health,” Linda said.

POEM Procedure

Dr. Patel recommended the POEM procedure.

“POEM is a novel endoscopic procedure. It’s less invasive and there is a very minimal amount of recovery time,” said Dr. Sandeep Patel, gastroenterologist at University Health. “The procedure took about two hours. Linda spent one night in the hospital and was allowed to go home the very next day.”

Life Beyond Achalasia

Now, Linda can enjoy meals without worrying about achalasia getting in the way.

“My quality of living has dramatically increased,” Linda said. “I’m back to being able to eat out and enjoy a meal because of the innovation at University Health, my whole life has changed.”

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