Jeremy – Living Liver Transplant Recipient Patient Story

As a teenager, the only things that should have been on Jeremy’s mind were doing well in high school, playing sports and spending time with friends. But after increasing fatigue and constant illness, Jeremy was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. Jeremy’s parents, Michael and April, took him to a number of hospitals across the country, and they all offered the same grim news: Jeremy had few options and even less time to get the lifesaving liver transplant he desperately needed.

Michael and April refused to accept the possibility their son might lose his battle against time. They turned to the living liver donor program at University Hospital – the only program of its kind in South Texas. Here, our team performed the complex transplant procedure that allowed Michael to donate a portion of his liver to Jeremy and give him a second chance at life. Within weeks, both Jeremy and Michael’s livers grew back to 100 percent, and now both father and son are living the active life they love.

At University Health, we don’t just see what is – a failing liver. We see what can be – a new beginning.

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