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Jason Bowling - Everyday Extraordinary

One who leads infection control and works tirelessly to answer the public’s questions in the rapidly-changing world of the COVID-19 pandemic

When word first filtered out of China about a worrisome new virus, Dr. Jason Bowling followed it closely.

“I spent a lot of time reading everything I could,” he said.

That wasn’t new for Dr. Bowling. “Always, globally, there’s lots of things happening in different areas.”

Deciphering a Virus That Keeps Give New Clues

It soon became clear, however, that this had the potential to become a global pandemic, and Dr. Bowling, the University Health infection control team, and the organization’s leaders began planning a response – coordinating with regional emergency response planners as well. Bowling and the team studied the practices and successes of healthcare teams in China and other countries where the wave hit first as they stocked up on PPE and trained staff on new protocols.

Doing Double Duty During a Surge

The summer influx of COVID-19 patients meant doctors, nurses and hospital staff were maxed out, and Dr. Bowling joined others in pulling extra shifts to make sure patients got the care they needed.

“Our goal is to provide the same level of high-quality care to patients while keeping everybody safe,” he said.

Helping the Public Understand

In the fight against contagious disease, Dr. Bowling knows information is one of the most important weapons. He has done numerous media interviews and Q&A video clips, making himself available any time a new question arises about the transmission and treatment – and especially the prevention – of COVID-19.

“It’s part of the way you keep people safe – keep people as informed as possible,” he said. “It’s time well invested if we can keep people safe in the community.”

Just another day of everyday extraordinary.

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