Diabetes is a growing epidemic in South Texas

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in South Texas

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in South Texas. Hear the story of Albert Dillard, who discovered the disease in time to save his life.

1 in 7 Adults in San Antonio have Diabetes

About one in seven people in San Antonio has diabetes, and many don’t even know they have it. Listening to your body is key to knowing when to get help. 

“I was feeling pretty bad for a few days and kept drinking large amounts of water, like gallons, throughout the day,” said Dillard, a University Health patient with diabetes. “I went and checked into the hospital and my sugar levels were between 800-1000.”

What's a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

Normal blood glucose levels after eating are between 200 and 300. Dillard’s levels were four times that. 

He eventually landed at the Texas Diabetes Institute, where they taught him how to meal prep and add veggies into his diet. TDI offers nutrition and cooking classes, exercise equipment and patient education to empower you to control your diabetes.

Stick with Your Exercise and Diet Plan

Dillard also developed an exercise plan and insists you have to keep at it. “You might want to slack one day, but that one day throws off the other day, and then you go a week (without exercising) and it’s like, I got to get back to it.”

His diet and exercise changes led to big results. “I dropped from 8-10% body fat to 12% muscle," Dillard said.

Dillard's advice to others struggling with diabetes: “Learning and having the knowledge and educating yourself and sticking to it is the most important thing.”

Diabetes Care at Texas Diabetes Institute

Learn how the experts at the Texas Diabetes Institute can help you manage your diabetes.

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