Safety Tips for Cyclists and Motorists

Cycling is a popular form of entertainment and exercise. Many adults remember receiving their first bicycle during childhood. It is often a memory that many attribute with feelings of excitement and joy.

In San Antonio, cycling continues to grow in popularity. Annual events, such as Fiesta FitFest and L’Etape Texas by the Tour de France, brings both cycling amateurs and enthusiasts to the city each year. 

University Health’s injury prevention team wants to remind cyclists and drivers alike to be safe when traveling on the road.

Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cyclists are encouraged to adhere to these bicycle safety tips when traveling alongside vehicle traffic:

  • Cyclists have the same responsibilities as drivers when on the road and must follow all traffic signs and signals. 
  • Travel in the same direction as vehicle traffic.
  • Notify motorists of your position changes. For example, signal over your shoulder before changing lane position or turning.
  • Be seen by wearing reflective accessories, brightly colored clothing or lights and always wear a helmet.

Safety Tips for Motorists

Motorist should be extra cautions when sharing the road with a cyclist. Drivers should:

  • Avoid distracted driving. Distractions can happen in seconds and the consequences are dangerous. Always give your full attention when you are behind the wheel.
  • Be aware of bicycles on the road and provide extra space between your vehicle and cyclists for safety.
  • Pass cyclists as you would any other vehicle – signal and ensure it is safe to move into an adjacent lane.
  • Follow all traffic laws when driving a vehicle, including following the speed limit.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports a 28% increase in traffic crashes from 2018 through 2022 that resulted in a bicyclist fatality. Distracted driving, speeding and failure to yield the right of way were the most cited causes of the incidents. ranks San Antonio as #16 on the most dangerous U.S. cities for cyclists. We can change these statistics. 

When on the road, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep cyclists and motorists safe. Obeying traffic laws and focusing our attention on the road can help everyone enjoy their journey – whether on two or four wheels – and we can all arrive to our destinations safely.

Bicycle Injury Prevention at University Health

For more information about bicycle safety, visit University Health's injury prevention page.

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