Chaciti's Patient Story

Chaciti's Patient Story

When Chaciti was seven years old, a pot of boiling water tipped over and spilled on her face and body.

“Twenty-eight percent of her body and her entire left arm had second-degree burns,” Chaciti’s mom said.

She needed expert care. Chaciti and her family chose University Children’s Health for treatment.

Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Care

As part of the only Level 1 pediatric trauma center in South Texas, our pediatric burn team was prepared to help Chaciti. Our trauma team helps more than 2,000 injured children every year who need advanced care.

With time, Chaciti recovered and had a healthy, happy childhood.

Ten years later, Chaciti noticed that she couldn't fully extend her arm, so she came back to the Pediatric Burn Center at University Health.

Ongoing Care

“Chaciti is now 17 years old. She joined cheer team and a lot of the activities she was doing were causing pain in her left arm,” Chaciti’s mom said.

Chaciti was experiencing limited mobility with her arm, said Dr. Amita Shah, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at University Health.

“Chaciti had a lengthening procedure known as adjacent tissue rearrangement,” Dr. Shah said. “It lengthened the scar so she no longer had functional limitations on that arm.”

Thanks to the comprehensive care from our surgical burn reconstructive team, Chaciti now has full mobility of her arm.

“Without University Health’s help, I wouldn’t be here,” Chaciti said. “Each piece of me is formed from University Health, and they’re the biggest piece of me."

Pediatric Burn Care

Learn more about our expert trauma and burn care at University Children's Health.

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