One Blood Donation Can Save Three Lives

One Blood Donation Can Save Three Lives

Blood supplies are low not just at University Health, but across the nation. Dr. Leslie Greebon, medical director of the University Hospital blood bank, says surgeries and tragedies that require a lot of blood supply and can happen to anyone.  

Trauma and Transplant Patients Need Blood

“We have a lot of major surgeries here at University Hospital with a lot of patients requiring a large amount of blood,” Dr. Greebon said. “That could be liver transplants, that could be trauma surgeries. Usually they only use a few units of blood, but unfortunately we have patients that can go through 50-100 units or more."

Dr. Greebon said major trauma events that use many units of blood can put other patients at risk. "My biggest fear is that I would have to tell a physician I’m not able to supply blood for your patient," Dr. Greebon said.

University Health relies on other blood centers across the United States to help when our region experiences a supply shortage.

Consistent Donation is Key

"It takes a lot of donors to put in additional effort and to donate on a regular basis in order to keep our blood supply as healthy as possible," Dr. Greebon said.

Marcus Falcon is a longtime blood donor. “I’ve been donating blood since the mid to late 80s, maybe early 90s,” Falcon said. “It started off with a friend of mine. His mom needed some blood and I said, sure no problem. And after it was all said and done, they asked if I wanted to donate some more."

Falcon said he doesn't mind the donation process.

"I don’t mind it one bit, I enjoy it," Falcon said. "It makes me feel good that I’m helping somebody else.”

Become a Blood Donor

Call 210-358-2812 or visit to schedule a blood donation appointment.

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