Financial & Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Did you know that one donation of blood can save three lives? Blood banks around the nation are in constant need of donations, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are clear benefits for the recipient of donated blood, but fewer people are aware that donating blood has benefits for the donor, too. 

Material & Financial Incentives

CareLink Blood Donor Program

For every pint of blood you donate, University Health will credit $50 to your account. A friend or family member can also donate blood in your name to earn a $50 credit to your account.

Whole blood donations can be made every eight weeks and platelet donations every two weeks by you, friends or relatives.

T-shirts and Gift Cards

When you donate blood at University Health, you’re eligible to receive a free T-shirt or gift card as a thank you for your donation.

  • 1st Donation - T-Shirt
  • 2nd Donation - $20 Gift Card
  • 3rd Donation - $30 Gift Card
  • 4th Donation - $40 Gift Card
  • 5th Donation - $50 Gift Card
  • 6th Donation - $60 Gift Card + Grand prize entry ($500 value)
  • 7th-24th Donation (Platelet Donors) - $20 Gift Card

Paid Time Off for University Health Employees 

Employees may receive a maximum 80 hours of PTO per year as a donor.

  • Whole Blood Donation - 4 hours of PTO
  • Single Platelet Donation - 4 hours of PTO
  • Double Platelet Donation - 5 hours of PTO

Bonus incentives include a parking voucher and a free snack every time you donate.

Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Reveals hidden health problems

One of the major benefits of donating blood is that you get a free health screening every time you do it. A trained medical provider checks your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and hemoglobin levels before you donate. This can help reveal any health conditions you may have but not be aware of, like high blood pressure.

Additionally, after you donate, your blood is tested for various diseases to ensure it won’t infect the recipient.

Improves your mental health

Donating blood can help you feel more like part of your community. It gives you a sense of purpose and belonging, plus the affirmation that you’re doing a good deed for someone who needs it.

Donate Blood at University Health

You can make a difference! Schedule an appointment to donate or find more ways to give on our website.

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