A promising new treatment for cancer

A new treatment for cancer using minuscule radioactive fat particles injected directly into the tumor holds promise as a powerful, highly targeted therapy with minimal side effects. The treatment, developed by researchers at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center at the UT Health Science Center, is undergoing clinical trials. The first patient, identified as David Williams, 54, was treated for brain cancer at University Hospital last week.  But the researchers believe the concept will be useful for other types of solid tumors as well. Dr. Andrew Brenner, a neuro-oncologist, is the principle investigator of the study. Other centers have been working to deliver cancer treatment using liposomes, or fat particles, but using them to deliver radiation is new, the San Antonio Express-News reported. Using liposomes contains the radiation and minimizes damaging healthy tissue. The researchers also had to develop a new type of catheter to deliver the liposomes. Here’s the news release from the UT Health Science Center. From the San Antonio Express-News Photo by Mark Greenberg Photography  
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