COVID-19 Update: Vaccines and pregnancy

COVID-19 Update: Vaccines and pregnancy

February 08, 2021

Dr. Patrick Ramsey, medical director for inpatient OB services, explains the science behind how the vaccine is made, and why pregnant women should get the shot.


These are the questions Dr. Ramsey addresses:

  • The WHO recently reversed their recommendation that pregnant women not get the Moderna vaccine, and took a similar position on the Pfizer vaccine. Why is that?

  • Even without a formal study, are there women who were pregnant and got the vaccine? Did they have adverse reactions?

  • Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccine anyway?

  • Is the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine a live virus vaccine

  • Are pregnant women more likely to get COVID-19?

  • What are the risks to mother and baby from COVID-19?

  • If a woman comes into University Hospital in labor and is COVID-positive, can a support person be with her?

  • If women give birth while they are COVID-positive, do they have to stay away from their babies?

  • Can COVID-positive mothers breastfeed?

  • What effect does the vaccine have on a woman’s fertility?

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