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Teen Health

Teens grow quickly in mind and body. They need care and education to navigate life changes positively. Parents, teachers and community members are important role models and support systems.

Developing good health behaviors in adolescence can carry over into lifelong habits. Some teens don’t have a trusted adult they can talk to about physical and mental health, though. Poverty and lack of health insurance can also reduce their chances of getting a healthy start in life.

Supporting young people in Bexar County will give them the best chance of becoming healthy, productive adults.

Positive Teen Behaviors

Positive behaviors like getting preventive care, sleeping enough and eating healthy foods can protect teens' health.

Youth.gov lists other factors that can protect teens, including:

  • Family stability and support
  • Rules, limits, adult monitoring and clear expectations for behavior 
  • Involvement in at least two areas outside of family, such as:
    • Arts, theater or music
    • Culture
    • Job 
    • Religion
    • School/afterschool programs
    • Sports
  • Freedom from violence and bullying
  • Mentoring and support to help teens develop their skills and interests

Health Risks in Adolescents

As teenagers gain more freedom, they have to make choices about their health, relationships and lifestyles. Teens’ choices can sometimes lead to unsafe, risky behavior. 

According to Youth.gov, teens are at risk of:

  • Alcohol and substance use
  • Depression 
  • Unsafe driving
  • Unsafe sexual behaviors
  • Violence 

Studies suggest that half of all behavioral risks first appear during the teen years. 

Teen Health in Bexar County

According to a Healthy Futures of Texas report [PDF] on Bexar County:

  • A baby is born to a teen mom every six hours.
  • The teen birth rate has fallen since 2007 to 19 per 1,000 in 2021. But that’s still 39% higher than the nation’s teen birth rate.
  • The teen birth rate is highest among Hispanic youths.

According to a 2019 report from the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, accidents, suicide and homicide are the leading causes of death among young people aged 15-24.

According to the 2022 SASpeak Up Teen Mental Health Survey [PDF] of youths ages 12–19:

  • 37% can’t complete daily tasks due to mental health struggles
  • 49% feel helpless, hopeless, numb or like nothing matters
  • 24% smoke, vape, drink alcohol or use drugs

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 9-8-8 if you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

University Health Resources

Primary Care

University Health primary care providers can offer preventive health services to teens and young adults. Services include:

  • Check-ups and wellness exams
  • Immunizations/vaccines
  • Sports physicals
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) assessments
  • Referrals to specialists

Teen Health Clinic

University Health works with UT Health San Antonio to offer a Teen Health Clinic. It offers complete care for people ages 10–24 years old. Services include: 

  • Mental health counseling
  • Referrals to specialists
  • School and sports physicals
  • Sexual health counseling
  • Vaccines 


NurseLink is a 24/7 nurse triage telephone line for current University Health patients. This is not an emergency line. Get advice regarding a new or worsening condition, medications and more. Call NurseLink at 210-358-3000

Get Covered SA

Compare health care coverage options and find a plan that works for you on our website.

Injury Prevention

University Health’s Injury Prevention team provides education and programs regarding teen and young adult safety, including:

  • Bike and helmet safety
  • Sports safety
  • Distracted driving prevention

Mental Health Resources

Learn about crisis services, treatment, hospital care and other mental health resources for teens at University Health.


CoSPLAY (Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Blueprint for Adults and Youth) provides suicide prevention services for Bexar County residents between the ages of 10-24 who may also identify as LGBTQ+. Please call 210-644-1556 to learn more.

Community Resources


DreamSA is a community youth program. It educates and connects San Antonio youth to explore online resources in education, volunteering, health and the arts. It also has a Teen Ambassadors [PDF] program that teaches young people how to bring action to teen health.

CommuniCare Teen Health Services

CommuniCare clinics in the San Antonio area offer: 
  • ADHD care
  • Care for chronic illnesses
  • Counseling
  • Physicals
  • Puberty education
  • Sexual health care
  • Sick care
  • Vaccines
  • Well visits

Love is Respect

Love is Respect is a National Domestic Violence Hotline project. It offers 24/7 romantic relationship support to young people. Teens can get free, confidential services by calling 1-866-331-9474, texting 22522 or through live chat.

Texas Youth Helpline

The Texas Youth Helpline provides free, confidential services to youth and family members. Get help finding a counselor, safe shelter or legal and referral information. Call or text 1-800-989-6884 or chat on the website.

Explore More Resources

Find community resources like food, housing and mental health services close to home.