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Health Insurance

Health insurance helps cover the cost of medical services like doctor visits, surgeries, prescriptions and check-ups. Like car and home insurance, you pay a monthly premium in exchange for a policy.

The health plan or insurance company then pays for a portion of your medical costs. 

If you do not have health insurance, you will have to pay for medical services out of pocket at full price, which can be very expensive. Health insurance helps make it more affordable to get the care you need.

Where to Get Health Insurance

There are several ways to get health insurance:

  • From your employer: Sign up during an open enrollment period. The premium is usually deducted from your paychecks. Some employers pay all or some of the premium.
  • From the government: Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP are federal coverage plans for people who meet specific age and income criteria. 
  • From school: If you’re enrolled in a college or university, your school may offer a student health plan for purchase. Coverage and cost will vary.
  • Marketplace: Marketplace lets you compare health insurance plans to pick the right one for yourself and your family.

Health Insurance Coverage in San Antonio

As of 2019, about 83% of people in Bexar County have health insurance, according to the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

Employer-based health insurance is the most common source of coverage for people in Bexar County. About 42% of people with health coverage get it from their employer. About 18% of people with insurance in Bexar County have Medicaid or Medicare.

Most people (98%) ages 65 and older have health coverage because they are eligible for Medicare. Children ages 6 and younger are the second most-covered group at 94%. Health insurance coverage is least common among working-age adults.

The far north and far northwest sides of Bexar County (outside Loop 1604) have the highest percentages of insured residents. Residents on the south side of the county have lower rates of health insurance coverage.

Children in Bexar County are more likely to have insurance than other children in Texas. Hispanic children in Bexar County are less likely than children of other races and ethnicities to have health coverage.

University Health Resources


CareLink isn’t health insurance, but it can help make it easier paying for health care costs. CareLink representatives can also help you find and register for the best health coverage for you and your family. Visit our CareLink webpage to learn how to enroll.


MedLink is a financial assistance program available to University Health patients who have Medicare coverage. Visit our MedLink webpage to learn more about membership requirements.


CareforMom is a financial assistance program available to women enrolled in Medicaid for Pregnancy or CHIP Perinate and who give birth at University Health.

Find the Right Health Coverage

University Health wants you to make an informed decision about your health care coverage. Compare coverage options and determine if you qualify for CareLink by visiting our Financial Assistance and Health Coverage webpage

University Health Senior Services

Senior Services at University Health wants to help you enroll in Medicare if you’re eligible (ages 65 or older).