Pediatric Trauma & Burn Center
South Texas' Only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center

Preventing Trauma, Saving Lives

There’s a great need for injury prevention in all of our communities. Approximately 12,000 children and young adults, ages 1-19, die from unintentional injuries each year. Falls are the main cause of non-fatal injuries in this age group.

The doctors, nurses and staff at University Children’s Health are experts in life-saving pediatric trauma care. We’re committed to educating our community members about injury prevention.

Partners in Injury Prevention

We partner with others in the community on a number of programs designed to prevent trauma. We provide classes on how to properly install car seats. We visit schools and talk to children and teens about the consequences of distracted driving. We provide educational information to help prevent falls for young children as well as adults. We support education that encourages safer driving, safer streets and safer homes.

We also provide helpful tips on how to prevent injuries in the following areas for all ages:

Leading by Example

We dedicate staff, operational support and other resources to keep kids safe in our community through Safe Kids San Antonio. In addition to our role with the Safe Kids coalition, our experts continue to seek new opportunities to lead efforts to prevent critical injuries in children throughout San Antonio and South Texas.

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