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College Volunteers

Learn and Grow with Hands-On Experience

When you share your time, talent and heart as a volunteer, you help uphold our mission to provide compassionate, exceptional care to our patients, their families and our community.

Our college volunteers have the opportunity to fulfill school requirements and get hands-on experience in a healthcare setting. In addition, you’ll enjoy many other benefits, including:

  • Building a network of healthcare professionals in your career field
  • Assisting organizations engaged in civic responsibilities
  • Establishing positive healthy habits
  • Transforming the lives of others

How to Become a College Volunteer

As a college volunteer, you’ll serve in all areas of the hospital. We require a minimum of four hours a day, once a week, with a 50-hour commitment per semester. The application process can take up to four weeks.

Step 1: Application

You can apply online for the college volunteer program. All potential volunteers must pass a criminal background check. Along with your application, you’ll need to provide some supporting documents, including:

  • Driver's license, passport or other photo identification
  • Proof of school attendance
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance

Step 2: Health Screening and Interview

College volunteers must pass a health screening each year. The screening includes a mini physical, a urine drug test, a tuberculosis (TB) skin test and a flu shot. You will also interview with a volunteer interview committee member.

Please bring the following items to your health screening appointment:

  • Driver's license or other photo identification.
  • A list of the medications you are currently taking, if any.
  • Immunization records. If you do not have your records, a blood test may be performed to determine the presence of certain antibodies. The blood test is free of charge. If you don’t have the particular antibodies, you will be informed immediately. You may then get the vaccines, either from our staff at a cost, with your doctor, or at any of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District offices.

Step 3. Orientation and Uniform

At the required two-hour orientation and training session, you’ll learn important information about the hospital and your responsibilities so you will feel confident about your role as a volunteer. Please bring proof of vehicle registration and insurance.

Volunteer uniforms help visitors and patients recognize you as a hospital representative who can help when they have questions.

Every volunteer wears a uniform that includes:

  • Blue polo shirt with a volunteer patch (to be purchased from University Health)
  • Tan or khaki-colored pants
  • Closed-toed shoes worn with ankle-length or longer socks (no-show socks are not permitted)
  • Photo identification worn at chest level at all times

Volunteer Incentives

In addition to our gratitude, you will also receive small tokens of our appreciation for being an active volunteer. For more information, ask a Volunteer Services representative.

  • Education courses
  • Meal card program
  • Free annual health screening and flu shot
  • Discount VIA monthly pass
  • And more!